FREEWELL 4K Series Standard Day Filter Set for GoPro HERO10/HERO9 Black (4-Pack)


  • Capture Sharp Outdoor Images
  • ND8, ND16 & ND32 Neutral Density Filters
  • One Polarizer/PL Filter, Twist-On Design
  • Water-/Dust-/Oil-/Scratch-Proof Coating

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FREEWELL 4K Series Standard Day Filter Set for GoPro HERO10/HERO9 Black (4-Pack)

The 4K Series Standard Day Filter Set from Freewell features three neutral density (ND) filters and one polarizer (PL) filter for the GoPro HERO10 or HERO9 Black action camera. The three ND filters darken the image in daylight conditions, and the PL filter prevents reflections in different outdoor daylight conditions.

The included ND8, ND16, and ND32 filters cut the amount of light hitting the camera sensor by 3, 4, and 5 stops, respectively, for normal, bright, and very bright daylight conditions. The reduction also allows you to get creative by letting you use larger apertures or longer shutter speeds, which is why the filters are especially useful for long-exposure photography. The PL filter helps you capture clearer and more accurate outdoor images while blocking unwanted reflections from naturally reflective outdoor surfaces, such as windows, bodies of water, and snow.

All the filters are made with premium optical glass and coated for waterproof, dustproof, scratchproof, and oilproof quality. They feature an efficient twist-on, bayonet-style frame for easily attaching and removing them, replacing the original lens. A magnetic case is included to store and transport all four filters.

Polarizer Filter
The PL filter from Freewell , compatible with HERO10 and HERO9 Black cameras, is excellent in preventing unwanted glare from reflective surfaces, such as water bodies, snow, or even glass windows, when shooting or flying on a drone outdoors.

ND8 Neutral Density Filter

The ND8 filter is designed to reduce the amount of light hitting the camera sensor, which slows down the camera’s shutter speed by three f-stops. This is extremely helpful in capturing realistic and sharp images, especially in cloudy daylight conditions.

ND16 Neutral Density Filter

The ND16 filter decreases the amount of light entering the camera lens by four f-stops. This helps in balancing the image perfectly and capturing sharp footage in normal daylight conditions. Apart from slowing down your shutter speed, the ND filters are also effective in avoiding the unwanted ‘jello’ effect, which is often seen in footage captured without ND filters.

ND32 Neutral Density Filter

This ND32 filter helps reduce the amount of light falling on the sensor by five f-stops, making it an ideal filter for filming in bright sunny conditions. Apart from this, the filter effectively prevents lens flare from spoiling the picture while filming against the sun. This helps tone down the highlights of the sky and get a sharp image of the landscape.

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